“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for
the future of the human race”.
H.G. Wells
Gearshift Theatre
Gearshift Theatre specializes in low carbon theatre with a high impact message. Gearshift tours by bicycle and/ or public transport. We produce theatre and storytelling performances and workshops for young people.
Giants Tour 2014
Join Tim Padmore of Gearshift Theatre on a journey around the world as he tells giant stories and decides which is the giant story for our time. Find out more…

Gearshift Theatre lit up the story room with folk tales, myths and stories from far away frozen places. Children and their families were captivated by their virtual expedition through Gearshift Theatre’s storytelling. A wonderful story adventure, embraced and enjoyed by children of all ages.
Deborah Bullivant, Inspire Rotherham.

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