Gearshift Theatre Past Projects

Past Projects

The Boy Who Dreamed Only Ice

“Imagine you’re an eleven-year-old boy. You’ve just moved to an English seaside town to live with a new step-father. One day you wake up and discover that an iceberg- the size of five football fields has drifted into the bay…. “

During August 2013 Tim Padmore of Gearshift Theatre completed a storytelling tour by bicycle from Yorkshire to London. The main piece will be a piece called ‘The Boy Who Dreamed Only Ice’, a full length piece for adults and older children that combined modern fable with a number of traditional tales of indigenous arctic peoples. It was a creative response to the record breaking melting of arctic sea ice that took place in the summer of 2012

Parallel to this, Gearshift produced a show for children and their families called ‘Tales of the Far North’.

The piece was performed at libraries, cafes, RSPB reserves, protest camps, storytelling centres and outside banks and financial institutions in the City of London.

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Tree Traders

Gearshift Theatre created a piece of shadow theatre and storytelling for the ‘Illuminating York’ festival in 2013.

The piece, ‘Tale Traders’ wove together of the tree of life from Norse mythology. The shadow screen told tales of Odin, the giant Mimir, and the feuding eagle and dragon – all lit by a bike powered generator’.


Giants Tour

 ‘Around the world people watch their climate change. What can their traditional giant stories tell them? What can they tell us?”

In 2014 Gearshift Theatre created and toured a one-man storytelling performance called ‘Giants’.

Giants tour 2014 Sprint Mill

Giants’ performed at Sprint Mill, Kendal

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